Bama Elite Travel Teams

Want more Elite lacrosse?  We do too.  Bama Elite has mapped out a competitive fall with scheduling flexibility to hit all families needs.  With a COVID shutdown looming and the possibility of canceled events, BE has taken our circumstances into our own hands.  We have decided to focus on training our players this fall. We will rally players to attend local tournaments (within 6 hours) and we will hold local events.  We will place a large emphasis on developing our athletes.  


You can read more about our plans below.  


Competitive play and Tournaments


We understand that the kids need to play.  As much as they need to train, playing is the reward that keeps them motivated.  As we are unsure of the likelihood of tournaments in the fall and winter months we have considered and are planning for three different scenarios.  We will be executing on all of these plans to certain extent.  The COVID situation will directly dictate the quantity and frequency of each plan.  

  1. We will be providing 48 hours of Team Training through the fall.  Team training will occur on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Your subscription dues will go towards fees associated with team training dates.  If you sign up for all 3 days, you will be able to participate in our instructional wall ball days free of charge (more on this later).

  2. Bama Elite will poll families during the registration process about regional tournament attendance.  All of these tournaments will be within a 6 hour drive.  Events will be confirmed a minimum of 3 weeks in advance.  We will give biweekly updates about event status.

  3. BE will setup games with local lacrosse clubs in Kentucky, Tennessee, Birmingham, Atlanta and etc.  Basically, any team that is within a 6 hour drive we will be reaching out to set up game dates.

  4. We will also perform a variety of small sided events inside of Huntsville during the fall and winter months.  These events will be coordinated and run with   This will be similar to our 3x3 tournament we held for our high school players.  These events will be structured and organized events.  Some of the events we are planning are: 3x3 tournament, Cutthroat Challenge, West Jenny and etc.  


For all of our plans we will give families the most amount of time possible to plan for each event.  We were very appreciative of the amount of patience we received over the summer months during the planning process.


            Practice emphasis for fall  

  1. Individual stick skills

    • Passing

    • Catching

    • Shooting

    • Scooping

  2. 1v1 on ball play

  3. Ground Balls

  4. 2v2 Play

  5. 6v6 Team Strategy


              Practice Details 


Location - Merrimack Soccer Park Field 11


Address - 3217 Ivy Avenue, Huntsville, AL



Tournament Schedule

2024/2025 Winning the Georgia Shootout 2

Frequently Asked Questions


Do my fees cover a jersey?  Yes, all players that join will receive a jersey.

How long are Bama Elite Team Practices? 90 minutes


Payment and Billing Questions

When will billing take place and how? Billing will be initiated on the first of every month.  The credit card you use during the registration process will be billed on the first of every month until the program's completion.  

How are team fees assessed?  Field fees cover rental fees, website, marketing, office supplies, coaches, equipment, jerseys. 

What happens due to weather cancellation? If we have to cancel due to weather we will do our best to make the event up.  Field time is very limited on the Turf so we will do our best.  We cannot guarantee makeup but we will do our best to provide something for our athletes.  

*Side note - every time we miss it’s one opportunity we are missing to make our players Elite.


What happens if COVID shuts us down?  We will refund what we can.  For training sessions, because we are receiving monthly installments, once we have entered into the said month refunds can no longer be given.  However, a stop payment will occur on all pending installments.  We will wait until the tournament is 2 weeks away before we pay the registration fee. 


Tournament Details


When will tournament attendance be confirmed?  Tournament attendance will be posted through email regularly and the teamsnap app.

How will tournaments be chosen and when will we know if we are attending?  We will poll all families during the registration process.  After calendar availability is determined we will register for tournaments that are within a 6 hour drive of Huntsville. 


When will the team practice for these tournaments?  Mondays and Wednesdays will serve as practice dates for these tournaments.  We will notify teams well in advance of which dates will be specific to each tournament being attended.  We are also going to use video to introduce team concepts that will be further developed at practice.