Youth development Program (5-14 year old)

Build a club culture that focuses on...
  • Player skill and strategy development
  • Realistic levels of competition 
  • Focuses on long term strategy and skill retention 
This summer we have decided to quit teaching to the test and focus on player development.  The test in this case being tournament play.  We instead are going to focus on three core components of all successful teams.  
  1. Individual skill development and positional awareness
  2. Team strategy comprehension and execution 
  3. Athletic abilities 
What will this summers program look like?
This summer Bama Elite coaches are going to focus on creating technically sound and fundamentally skilled players that understand and can execute basic team strategy in a fun and competitive environment.  
  • Individual Development
    • Passing, Catching, Scooping, Shooting, Stick Handling, Defense​
    • Positional Skills​ 
  • Team Strategy 
    • Comprehension and Execution ​
  • Building Athletes that have the Confidence to Execute and Compete

All practices will be lead by Program Director Elliott Bender

Monday practices will be about player development.  Coaches will focus on creating high energy/repetition practice environment.  

Wednesday practices will consist of an hour of practice followed by an hour long game small sided game.  These games will be competitive, fast and fun.  Bama Elite coaches will referee games to provide more coaching opportunities for our athletes.  

Bama Elite coaches will group players by skill, athletic ability, size and lacrosse IQ.  

Age Range 5 - 14 year old 

Days - Mondays and Wednesdays 
Time - 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Location - Merrimack Turf Field 11 (near the bathrooms)
Start Date Week - May 31
End Date Week - July 26 

Wall Ball Workouts

Through out the course of the summer we will add in three Wall Ball Workouts.  Wall Ball is how we improve our stick skills.  It's something every lacrosse player does.  Normally, players perform Wall Ball Workouts on their own, but at Bama Elite we want our players to be the best.  So we want to teach our athletes about the importance of performing Wall Ball Workouts on their own and how to get the most out of each workout.  

Wall Ball Workout Details

Days - May 29, June 17, July 20
Time - TBD 
Location - TBD
*Wall Ball dates are subject to change.  Members will be emailed confirmation of all dates and times.

Total Program Cost - $369
(includes Bama Elite practice/game jersey)

Questions?  Email